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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are used to assist learning at Newmarket State School.

Computers are vital tools in daily student learning. Classes have between three and six computers, which are connected to the internet. Teachers plan activities and major tasks which are enriched by computer technologies. Student research is a key activity along with the creative use of computers to design multimedia presentations, explore digital imagery and learn from educational games.

Students are exposed to a range of programs in the course of their learning. A bank of computers is available in the new Learning and Resource Centre (LARC) and computer laboratory for student research and games. During 2010, interactive white boards were installed in all classrooms and have proven to be an engaging tool for all students, with teachers able to access a range of programs.

All teachers received laptops in 2008, which were replaced with an updated version in 2011. Teachers have access to the wireless network in the staff room and in the new LARC. In 2011, a larger server was installed to cope with the ICTs expansion in the school and to provide a more efficient service. We also upgraded to a faster internet bandwidth for more efficient use of computers in the classroom and teacher and administration access. A technology technician is employed for a half day weekly to maintain the network. These developments have provided opportunities to progress teacher learning in ICTs and have greatly benefited students.